The Challenge Before The Challenge.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Starting tomorrow, my best friend and I have decided to take the 24 day advocare challenge. I'll be posting my progress as I go on. Until then, let's talk about how this challenge was supposed to start on Monday (as in the previous one).

Last month, Breanna and I started talking and decided it was much easier to get motivated when you have someone to encourage you. Breanna has done the challenge before is actually a seller of the product. So we decided to take the challenge together, and since March 4th fell on a Monday, it was a perfect day to start. Being the procrastinator I am, I forgot to order my products and asked Breanna to do it for me, so it would arrive on time for us to start it together. Thankfully she obliged, however the products didn't arrive until Monday. Oh, and they went to her house (in Indiana), instead of my house in (in Tennessee). Whoops. She immediately went to the post office and shipped with a two day delivery.

No big deal, the package would come Wednesday and we would start on Thursday. I checked the mail before going into work Wednesday night, and nothing, no package. Since the husband and I have been doing quite a bit of online shopping lately, I knew the packages sometimes didn't come until after 5, so the husband could grab them. Fast forward to ten o clock that night, I come home and my sleepy husband had been napping on the couch the whole time I was gone at work. This was a fail on two counts. 1.) Being he would never fall asleep that night, and 2.) he missed my package!! There was a note on the door with a "first attempt" marked.
Let's do this!

Thankfully the package arrived today and I am happy to report we will be starting the challenge tomorrow. I will be busy prepping all my meals for the next week tomorrow, and I'm hoping the challenge is easier to do than it actually was to receive ;-).

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