Sneaky Stella

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I was checking my email today and came across something a little strange. It turns out, while I was at work my dog Stella has been emailing Taylor. Weird huh? After talking to her about it she decided that maybe I should share her email to Taylor on the blog, so here ya go...

Hi Dad,
How's it going over there? We miss you around here. I miss playing peekaboo with you and the pillows.  Mom said you told her you were getting fat because of all the free candy and junk food. Must be nice. Mom's been eating a lot of carrots, bananas,and Greek yogurt. Yuck. It's not as good as pizza rolls, but thank God she can't give up her cheese! She even worked out this week, I think she's just bored. We have been going on longer walks too because she says we could both use it. Don't worry, I'll send you some pictures of myself when I get my sexy bod back and get my paws painted. I hope that's not too weird since you're my dad, but I love you so I think you will love them! Mom also said you passed some kind of board to get qualified? I have no clue what this means but it made my tail wag, so it must be good! Guess what Dad? It was so nice here last week, mom took me to the dog park, just the two of us! It was fun for a while, but then too many dogs showed up who wanted to play a little rough. Mom got nervous, so I just rolled in the sand next to her and enjoyed sunbathing with out my leash on! Sometimes we have slumber parties over at Amanda and Elizabeth's house. I like it because mom and I have our own bed to sleep on there. They even have a big back yard I get to roam around in while the girls play cards on the back deck. Sometimes I get in trouble in that back yard though. I just can't help myself when I find a random pile of cat poo. I know it sounds ridiculous but once I spot it, I can't help but roll all in it! I know it must be gross because mom starts gagging and immediately bathes me in the hose. It's too bad I do it after mom has had too much grape juice, because we both usually end up soaking wet. Well I gotta go Dad! I need to lick my self because I'm a dog and that's what we do.
P.S. Mom said you bought a camel? I do not remember asking for a sibling. Take it back or I'm running away forever.
I sleep on Dad's pillow.


That crazy dog. Oh your dog can sit on command? Cool. Mine sends out emails. I win. Have a nice day now.

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  1. LMAO!! Read this to Sandy and Rick and we all busted out in laughter. Thanks for the laughs.


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