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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Not only was visiting with Brandon great, it was nice to get a little vacay out of the trip too! The hotel we stayed in had a mutual kitchen and living room area, and then we had separate sleeping rooms. It was basically a tiny apartment, which came in handy for visiting. Because besides going out to eat, there isn't much else to do in on base or within driving distance (there is a casino somewhat near by, but Brandon was only allowed so far).

My husband can hardly ever be taken seriously...

After all of our goodbyes, it was time to head back home. But of course we had to make a few impromptu wine stops along the way!!
No, pictures of the wine, because quite frankly, it was not good...

I don't think Stella missed us one iota. She was having the time of her life at Doggy Daycare.

And of course anytime someone new comes to visit, it is an excuse for us to go explore our new home town.
Taylor and I have already been here, but it is so good, and right downtown!

Thank goodness it is Friday and I have taken the whole weekend off to spend with more visitors heading this way, not to mention, I have kiiiiinda missed seeing my husbands face this week!

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