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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Or not, Ahhh! Why is going back to school such a pain in my ass! I feel like I get so close and then something else stands in my way! It's OK though, I'm going to get past each one of these damn road blocks and go back to school! Even if I have to divorce my husband to do so! I'M KIDDING. I just was so unaware that Taylor and I were rolling in dough, therefor disqualifying me for pell grants! I can assure you FAFSA we are not as wealthy as you claim! Just to recap for you, I tried going to a local school here, I got everything in order went to register for classes, only for them to review my transcripts from my previous college. Guess what Ivy tech? I certainly didn't attend school in Lafayette, nor did I graduate high school in 1990! I graduated kindergarten that year, but I hardly think that's important to my college career. Once I finally got my correct transcripts, it was the last day of registration and after some really great people pulled some strings to get me in. Only to find out that my financial aid never came in. Awesome. So next up was plan B, online school. My husband just received his bachelors degree from the same school in May so I already knew they were helpful to military families. So after speaking with some really nice  people at this school, I learned I qualified for much more at this school! I was so excited I went out and purchased a new planner and some notebooks! I even pondered which sorority I would be joining (Siiiiike, I don't think they offer this to online students, nor would I ever really ponder this idea). So I'm finally one step closer to going back to school, just to take 3 steps back. It turns out I have to fill out 7 online forms to be accepted into classes. I finished 6 out of 7 of these steps. I went to finish up the last step, and yep, wouldn't you know something goes wrong. I apparently can't e-sign something because I am two different people or something like that. I'm not talking about identity theft, I mean someone, somewhere has screwed up something. Confused? Me too! It's involved me calling a lot of people, who in turn, told me to call someone else! I guess they have figured me out, I am sometimes like two different people.
I do see the dilemma.

I am certain that one day I will get past these obstacles and actually get back into the swing of school. The next question in this chapter is what on earth will I be going back to school for? I wish I had an answer for this. The gap between myself and that ugly number 30 are closing in quicker than I'd like, shouldn't I know what I want to be when I grow up? There are a lot of things I would like to go to school for and learn about, but only for my own personal education, not for a career. Is this weird? Maybe I can take all my talent (sarcasm!) and bad luck and make something horrendously awesome. Like cakes that taste good but look ridiculously awful.
I'm off to a good start wouldn't you say?

I have a whole list of things to accomplish or start working on before 30 so if school doesn't work out this week, I'll just work on something else; because the good thing about online school is the next semester starts in just a few weeks. So until then, expect some pictures of extremely ugly home-made cinnamon rolls that taste super delicious.

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