Bean's visit. Part 1

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breanna left this week and we had such a good time! The trip started off in true Breanna fashion. The day before her arrival I got a text letting me know she might be pregnant. JUST KIDDING... I'm pregnant, not her. JUST KIDDING again. But seriously she was really ill and wasn't sure how she was going to make it. She toughed it out though and got here on time, looking fabulous as usual. Since she still wasn't feeling that great we spent the first night at home. We watched movies, cooked dinner, drank hot tea and just caught up on life with one another. Am I showing my age if I tell you I loved every moment of this? You would totally understand if you have ever spent five minutes with this little nugget. She is hilarious.
Oh Heyyyyy Delish bloody mary!
The first thing we discovered the next morning is that our sleep schedules are slightly different. I could sleep til 1:00 pm in the afternoon, and she's up at 6:00 am. Breanna kindly let me sleep in until 9:30 before we got up to start our day. After showering and heading out for the day, she was ready for lunch, and I wasn't sure if breakfast even sounded all that great yet..

After coffee and bagels we headed downtown to hit up a few shops. We stumbled across a herbal shop and thought it couldn't hurt to go in since Bean was still a little queasy. It was full of dried fruits, jars full of tea, and a baby in a crib (yup in the middle of the shop, not even in the back where the employee was working...). After speaking with the shop owner we let her make us some freshly squeezed juice, that was suppose to help with upset stomachs and to build your immune system ( I didn't think it would hurt to get the same thing in hopes I wouldn't catch whatever geedus she was carrying..).  For added effect Bean bought some kind of eye dropper full of extra natural healings. We finished our transactions and headed on our way. We headed down the street sipping on our freshly squeezed juice. I'm exaggerating a bit. I took one sip. and contemplated projectile vomiting. I didn't see the size of the ginger root that lady used, but I imagine it was close to a tree trunk that has aged 400 years. Disgusting. Breanna has much more will power than I, and sucked that baby down.
mmm juicy..
Later that night we thought we should test the healing affects of that herbal crap and go out for sushi, wine, and FROYO. We spent the rest of our night drinking a few beers and watching twilight. Yep I said it. We were watching that damn vampire movie. Go ahead and judge us. We don't carrrrre. We were taking it easy preparing our livers for what was to come on Saturday.... More on that tomorrow.
ummm Can I keep her?

Googling card games. because were old and don't remember how to play them...

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