Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sometimes I find myself unjustifiably bored. There is nothing good on TV, I have read all my favorite blogs, and pajamas are on and bra is off; so you know I'm not going anywhere. I could very easily read a book, or tackle one of my 203485043 projects cluttering my spare bedroom, but that just seems logical. Instead, I choose to do other things.

I like to sing really loudly and obnoxiously.. to my dog. I can tell the sheer joy she gets when I do this, because she shows her gratification by running away to the farthest room possible. She is sweet like that.
Wishing she was deaf right about now...
 Sometimes, I get off my favorite spot on the couch, light some candles and add more clutter to my mantle. Adding more shit to something is kind of like remodeling your home, right? Right.
Too Much?
And when my boredom has really reached an all time low, I recall conversations that happened earlier that day. Like on Friday when two of my grown, adult, co-workers were discussing their new found obsession with playing pokemon online. I was really in shock to hear that instead of like every other American out there, they were not indulging in candy crush, but were reliving their childhoods with those creepy little characters. Later that night, curiosity (and boredom) got the best of me and I text one of the said coworkers for the website.
Turns out I suck at video games and couldn't figure it out anyways.

On Saturday, due to a sick pup and windy weather, plans of camping were cancelled. Insert another case of boredom. One of my favorite things to do is go hunting for deals at all the thrift shops this town has to offer. While it is always fun to look, some days you just don't find anything worth cluttering your home for. So to entertain your bored self, you find the ugliest 1980's wedding dress, and make your bestie try it on.
Laughing is good for the soul, and our souls were well that day in the vintage values dressing room.

And if you are still trying to find ways to forget how bored you are, always remember that Pinterest is a bottomless pit of entertaining ideas.

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  1. Hey dont be dissing pinterest. That is where i get my craft ideas from. lol.


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