5 Things Cooler Than Celebrating Halloween.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Being a troll is cooler than anything, incase you were wondering.
Thanks to Erin, I know I am not alone in being STOKED  just fine about not celebrating Halloween.


Working. Clearly I would rather be at work than celebrating Halloween. I am only saying this, because that is actually what I will be doing on Halloween. I really have no desire to do anything Halloween related, but I would still prefer sitting on my couch over going to work. So maybe working isn't cooler than celebrating Halloween... whatever, this year, it is!


Cleaning. Not the normal laundry and dishes type cleaning, but the "throwing out crap I have accumulated over the past year and getting ready for our move in December" type cleaning. Do not get me wrong, I really love to holiday decorate, but I am over this tiny apartment. That being said, I am a little more than OK with not getting my decorations from the bottom of storage out for the holidays.


Being warm. As a child I vividly remember having cold toes while trick or treating. As a college student I vaguely remember (thanks alcohol), having a lot more than my toes cold. Stupid slutty costumes (read: come back skinny body, I miss you).
Those eyelashes look so natural...


Listening to feel good music is waaaaay cooler than listening to creepy music (which makes me check behind my shower curtain 12 times, as opposed to 10, before going to bed). Have you seen this video? I love it.


Drinking wine in my pajamas. To be honest, I can cure a sweet tooth much quicker with a dry glass of red wine, before stuffing my face with sugary milk duds that get all up in my grillllllll. Also who wants to stand in line waiting to do a keg stand? Not I friends, I have a box of wine with it's own tap... I mean... Happy Halloween!
Oh, Alice...

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