That big vacation! (part 1 of 342)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and still be on vacation with my husband. I am beginning to think this is not going to happen... so.. I guess I'll write about it. The days all sort of run together in a heavenly bliss of snuggling with my husband, sippin' on pina coladas, and seeing some of the most amazing things I could ever imagine.

When I arrived in London I was little more lost than I had anticipated. I couldn't use my cell phone and Taylor was nowhere in sight. I decided to just follow the sweet lady I had been sitting by on the flight, maybe Taylor would be out there waiting along with her son that was picking her up. Of course there was a sea of people waiting at the end of that tunnel. I didn't immediately see Taylor, but that sweet lady did. She told me "Oh, I see your husband!", I asked her how she knew which one was my husband and she told me he was the only guy chasing us down the line! I thought it was going to be a little awkward seeing each other for the first time, but we picked up right where we left off. We grabbed a cab and headed to our hotel.

Later that night we went and crossed an item off the bucket list. Taylor did a lot of research for this trip and discovered that London had an ice bar. A whole bar made out of ice! The walls, the floor, the seats, the bar, even the glasses they served the cocktails in were made out of ice. It was magical. Before you enter the bar they throw some sort of Eskimo attire over your head with equally ugly gloves to match. Two cocktails and 30 minutes later we left pretty impressed with the bar (not so much the drinks!). After the bar we waked round exploring a little before we popped into some little Italian restaurant for dinner. It was a  huge meal that neither one of us could finish, partially from being full, and the other reason being we were totally exhausted!

The next day we woke fairly early and went out exploring. We walked to Buckingham Palace, took a million pictures in front of Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, and rode the London Eye. The whole day was amazing. Later that night we had tickets to a show. And not just any show, we were going to see Cripple of Inishmaan. Oh you have never heard of this show? Me either, but I had heard of the star of the show... Daniel Radcliff!!! That's right, Harry Potter and I were going to be in the same room together! I know he was just as excited as I was. Daniel was amazing, and the play was pretty good too. What we understood of it anyways, Irish humor is a little foreign to us. On top of being so close to Daniel, I was even closer to someone else. Directly 6 seats in front of me Jude Law was sitting there just hanging out watching Harry Potter with me. On intermission Jude and I were so close to each other I could have grabbed his junk (in the trunk!) but decided my husband wouldn't like that very much (I know because he told me not too, but whatever!).

After the show, Taylor and I hit up a couple pubs and then headed back to the hotel because we had to get up early (and because the pubs were closing) to head to Stonehenge and then onto the cruise! More on that tomorrow.

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