Part 2

Monday, August 19, 2013

I kept a journal on this trip so I could keep track of our day to day activities. It was a great idea, until towards the end of the trip when the booze won. Oops. Anyways we have pictures of everyday so that is a plus. Any ways, Taylor booked us a tour that would pick us up, take us to Stonehenge, and then drop us off at the cruise ship. Stonehenge is in the middle of nowhere. It is a really beautiful little spot on this earth, and the mystery behind Stonehenge is intriguing. But at the end of the day it is a pile of rocks. We walked around, took some pictures, and were ready to get on that bus start our cruise.

Once we finally got through security, we made our way to our cabin! My sweet in-laws called the cruise ship and had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us. We immediately popped that bottle and sat on the balcony, taking in the view and enjoying those goodies. We roamed around the ship for a while waiting for dinner to start and trying out all of the bars the cruise ship had to offer. This cruise ship was HUGE, and had everything you could imagine. Shopping, restaurants, bars, a gym (yeah, never used that), several pools, including an adult only one, hot tubs, an arcade, movie screens, putt-putt, rock climbing, surfing, and more. There was no way we could possibly do and see everything, but we were determined to try.

Dinner, like every other meal, was no less than 3 courses. We were so full after dinner, we stopped to grab a cocktail and then went back to our room.We went to the hot tub for a bit and then, it might be lame, but we were so tired we laid in the bed, watched a movie and went to bed. Exciting first night I know. The next day we were at sea all day so ordered room service for breakfast. Later that day we did some more exploring around the boat, played putt-putt, and took advantage of our unlimited alcohol package. After we had lunch we decided to take advantage of vacation and retreated back to our cabin for a nap. We actually did this a lot, but hey you're suppose relax on vacation. It was a good thing we rested up because that night we thought we had just turned 21. The next morning was rough, we actually didn't wake up until noon. We participated in a battle of the sexes (the women won), and we played trivia with some nice ladies we met at the battle of the sexes (we won trivia too, no help from Taylor and I though!). Later that night we ate at the specialty steak house on the ship, the food was AMAZING and the service was great too. We liked it so much we cancelled our reservation for the other specialty restaurant and booked another night at the steak house.

The next post is going to be an overload of pictures from all of our port calls, because it is an easy cop out
 ;-) Get ready!

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