The vampire and a "fine".

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When I came out of the grocery store tonight I noticed there was a "fine" on my windshield. Being the paranoid person I am, I drove back to my work parking lot before getting out to see what was on my windshield. Turns out some asshole doesn't like the way I drive.
This would be fine had the person actually seen my driving, but I drove a whole twenty feet from work to the grocery store. I hardly think hitting a pedestrian on 3 different occasions, 2 fender benders, and a wreck involving a vampire qualify me as a "mentally handicapped driver". RUDE.
 My first car was quite the trooper with over two hundred thousand miles on it. That little honda and I had been through a lot together. Road trips with my besties to no where. Cruising the bash in high school ( which meant riding up and down a road called wabash for hours on Friday and Saturday night, I was pretty cool back then). I even dragged a deer down the highway in that car (well not really, turns out the deer just popped my tire and that dragging noise was the rim of my tire). That car and I were going places. No literally, we were running errands when her life came to a tragic end.  Some guy pulled out in front of us and there just wasn't enough time slow down. I t-boned the other car, and my baby popped her little air bags in one last attempt to protect me. She was sweet like that. After discovering both myself and the other driver were OK, we called the cops and stood on the side of the road waiting. When the battery life on my nokia died from entertaining my self with snake, I decided I would strike up a conversation with the other driver. He had this long curly hair that hung to his shoulders.
Me: I like your curls (I'm real awkward like that)
Driver: Thanks I like your straight hair (awesome, he's as cool as I am).
Me: Thanks
Driver: I like to straighten mine. It makes me look more like a vampire.
Me: A what?
Driver: A vampire
Me: Ooooh.

At this point I decided to wait on the other side of the street. Clearly he was no Edward Cullen or he would have prevented this whole wreck from happening. The cops finally came. Even the K-9 unit showed up, which seemed to make Dracula pretty nervous. At the end of the day my car was towed back to my house and I never drove her again. RIP honda, RIP.
This isn't my actual car, but slap a trashy butterfly sticker on the back and you get the picture.
I just wish what ever jerk face kid left that "fine" on my car would have marked "parking like a jack ass", because that would have made a whole lot more sense....

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  1. I still picture you driving that car haha


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