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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I didn't post my valentines blog post. I wrote one. I actually wrote 2. But I never really finished them. It's not because I was sad my husband was gone on this day. It's because I just don't give a crap about that holiday. My husband and I have never really celebrated this day. We just celebrate each other when ever we feel like it. If we want to go out to a nice dinner, we do. If we want a spontaneous fun trip, we take it. That's how its always been. It might change a little when we start having children, but I imagine the spark of it all will always be there.
how I spent valentines day!
Since I'm on the topic of love, lets talk about the first love I ever had. I remembered about that handsome man when my mom called to tell me he was on the Ellen Degeneres show (I love Ellen!). That man she was calling to tell me about was Tim Mcgraw. That man is so, so, so damn sexy! He is like fine wine, he just gets better with time. I'm not sure when my obsession started with him, but I know I was young.Instead of cutting pictures out of bop magazine of NSYNC and BSB, I was stealing my mothers people magazines and cutting pictures up of good ol Tim. What concerns me now isn't that my mom called me to tell me Tim was on t.v., but that she wasn't concerned her 10 year old daughter had a huge crush on a MAN twenty years older than herself.  Maybe because my dad is 13 years older than her she thought this was acceptable? I feel like at 27 its acceptable to have a crush on a man 20 years older, but not at 10! Thanks mom, you're lucky I'm not married to a man your age. I guess I turned out OK after all...

I guess its really a big surprise anyone my age has turned out some what normal. I mean who DIDN'T have a lucky rabbits' foot when they were little. (again, Really Mom?) How disgusting is that we used to beg our parents for a multi colored, dead, animal foot. My husband told me he used to love to scratch his arm with the claws (Really Taylor?). Maybe this is whats wrong with society today. "Mom, plllllease give me a rabbits foot to scratch my arm with, and a slap bracelet to torment my sister with?". I feel like the odds were against us from the beginning. Cheers to all of us that turned out some what normal!
My friend bought me this faux rabbits foot while in alaska. No claws, but still pretty cool!

Who am I kidding? That old man Tim and rabbits foot screwed me up for life...

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