Four eyes and big thighs!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I have not written a whole lot lately. Mainly because I don't know what to write about. I think it is the lack of wine in my life... but whatever. Since I was in a funk I thought I would read some of my favorite bloggers bloggy blogs ( you like that technical term?). However the inspiration I was looking for was lacking. Don't get me wrong, I was inspired, to go shopping. But as far as something to write about, it wasn't that helpful. Half the blogs I read are from these cute little girls doing "outfit post". They're all like "look at me and my cute sweater and leggings". And I'm all "Heyyy, I'm wearing pajamas with Christmas trees on them still". True story. Lets be real here, who actually packs pajamas in their "Christmas box" for storage. Not me. It will be Christmas in July for this gal.

I have no plans on giving up my holiday p.j.'s anytime soon, but I am making a few changes around here (hence the lack of wine). It has become far too easy to stop by taco bell and grab some dinner than to come home and cook myself something healthy. That stops now. I went to the store yesterday to by some groceries (all healthy!). I'm not really sure which is worst for my health. Killing my organs with fast food or selling them on the black market to afford healthier alternatives. No wonder people are obese now a days. I spent 90 dollars on food just for me. Ninety dollars on food that in reality doesn't taste that good. Not the snacks any ways. Eventually I will grow to love it (right?). Goodbye thunder thighs and keg belly (that I rightfully earned), you are not a good friend to me any longer.
That sure is a small amount of food for the price!

Breakfast smoothie. Would have been better if I remembered the peanut butter!
It sure is going to be hard watching the lion king and not eating a whole vanilla pudding pie while doing so ;-).  I guess that is just what happens when you are not 19 years old any more. No what else happens when you are not 19 years old any more? You go blind. Just kidding. But your vision does start to go down hill. It did in my case anyways. I've always taken great pride in the fact that my sisters had to wear glasses and I didn't, but as of today I am officially a member of the "Four eyes" committee (don't start laughing too soon dear sisters, my boobs are still bigger than yours). That being said, my back hurts and I'm old, so it is off to bed I go. Good Night.
Glasses because I'm old. Duck face because I think I'm young.



  1. You look beautiful Wife-O-Mine!! Love you and cant wait to see you!!!

  2. I love glasses that give you the intelligent look. Speaking of that we were just discussing that with Denny today at lunch. He was asking Tanner why he dont get the eye surgery and Tanner said even if he did he would have to still wear fake glasses because he doesnt look right without them and he likes the intelligent look. Denny says well in that case you better wear 2 pair of glasses.

  3. Thank you for the lovely shout out loving sister of mine! I hate to burst your bubble but I only started wearing glasses 4 years ago so I was much older than you when my eyes went bad! As far as the big melons you have, you will have back trouble much sooner than I will so you can keep them! Love ya!!!


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