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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hey Blog peeps, Stella here, Heather's first fur-baby!
I thought I would give you a little update on my new, annoying precious little brother, Gatsby. First of all, Mom and Dad did not discuss this idea over with me first, I was totally caught off guard. I mean, they took me to the Shelter where Gatsby was living so we could have a meet and greet. My first thoughts were "Yeah Yeah, he's cute but get this fool out of my face!!!". I checked him a few times when he got too close to my beautiful face, and thankfully he listened. The shelter lady told my Mom and Dad that was a good sign, and that we were interacting very nicely. I could tell by the look on their faces that was all they needed to hear. That was how I knew I was getting a new fur-brother.
I know you think the smile is because he is leaving the shelter, but this is when my parents told him I was his big sister, he was pretty stoked.
After Mom and Dad brought Gatsby home, I learned things weren't that bad. It turns out he is a little bit younger than Mom and Dad originally thought, which means he is a little bit more playful than I would prefer. He randomly gets this boost of energy and thinks the way to get my attention is to bite my ankles in an effort to get me to play. Umm hello little brother, I didn't get this body by being playful!

This is usually when I steal all of Gatsby's toys and take them to the spare bedroom (tri-pod wont come in there because it is hardwood floors in the hallways). Sometimes Mom and Dad catch me and mumble something about me being over weight and usher the two of us outside. Once we are outside, we take turns chasing each other in circles throughout the backyard. Don't tell anyone, but I secretly enjoy this. I actually enjoy several attributes of having a little brother, for instance, when I bark at someone I don't like, Gatsby has my back. He is also really a slow eater, which means extra treats for me when no one is looking. Sometimes I get in trouble when I get caught, but I after yesterdays fiasco with Gatsby I know he has me beat in the causing trouble department. He escaped out of his crate and then tried to  make his way out of the rest of the house, by digging a hole to china.... in the carpet.
Can you image the delight my parents felt....
Mom and Dad were not exactly thrilled with little brother, but realize he has some serious anxiety issues and does not like being crated. They decided to leave him out with me tonight while they ran a few errands and he did just fine. Big sister knows how to keep that little shit brother in line.

Well this is the end of my post, if  I don't get off here soon mom has threatened to post embarrassing pictures of me on facebook (rude).

Have a good one,


  1. Oh my gosh that hole Gatsy was trying to dig though...really cute post!!! Such a sweet pup!!

  2. Aww this is so cute! I can't imagine coming home to that hole... oh jeez. My dog has anxiety issues too but he usually just licks... everything.

    <3, Pamela

  3. Haha this is so cute. Look at that carpet!! He's very efficient. We would love to get another dog when the timing is right. We actually did a trial adoption last year, but the dogs were too much alike (super dominant) and we decided it wasn't the best fit. It was so sad, but I guess that's why the trial adoptions exist. The other dog has since been adopted and I've seen on facebook that he is already the king of his domain :) Stella and Gatsby look so cute sleeping on the couch together.

  4. This is so cute and funny!! hehe and yes Stella I can imagine the delight your parents felt when they saw that yikes!

  5. Gatsby!!! Omg! Your poor parents and poor guy - he must have been pretty freaked out to do that! This was too funny - glad they they are getting along so well!

  6. This is too cute I love it, you have made my day.

  7. Bahahahahah! OMG GATSBY! The carpet! It's like you don't want to laugh but you can't help it becaus eit's so ridiculous! lol

  8. This is so cute, and exactly what must go through a dog's head…love it!


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