Roomie Reunion.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

When we lived in North Carolina, we lived with roommates for two and a half years. Katie and Colton became family, their families became our extended families. Sadly our time as housemates came to an end when they were stationed in California and Taylor was stationed overseas (also they became pregnant with the sweetest little babe) and it was time to go our separate ways. It has been two years since Taylor had seen them and a year and a half for me. Colton's brother just happens to live here in the same city as us, and his family all got together here for Thanksgiving. Because of our traveling we missed visiting with Colton's parents, but on Monday we were excited to have our old roommates over for dinner and visits.

We decided it would be nicer to just catch up at our house so their precious little boy can run wild. He spent most of his time playing with Gatsby in the living room. I was a little worried because Gatsby became a little to excited around my nephew and knocked him down, but Connor and him played great together. Gatsby even let Connor take toys right out of his mouth, which made Connor giggle and squeal with delight.

Katie's parents also drove down from NC to visit with them since they were in driving distance. On Wednesday Katie and her mom picked me up and we headed downtown to meet Katie's sister-in-law and niece for a carriage ride. I was excited as it was something I had yet to do in Memphis, and it was an hour long historical tour.
It started raining, so Ms. Karen and I improvise with out scarves!

At least they look cute...

Unfortunately the carriage ride wasn't what we had hoped for. The driver was 20 minutes late and when she did pull up to the hotel, she was puffing away on a cigarette; she may have also smelled worse then the horse. The whole carriage was filthy and smelled vaguely of urine. It was magical. At least we learned something. We learned that our driver didn't know jack shit about the history of down town. She was sweet enough to drop us off in front of the restaurant we were meeting our husbands at for lunch. I was so excited to get some Brisket because it is my favorite thing that they serve. Well it turns out the place didn't open for another two hours!!!! However they were extremely sweet and let ALL 10 of us come in anyways if we were okay with only having ribs as an option. Since that is what they are known for, no one had a problem with their generous offer.

After lunch it was time to say our goodbyes. I hate that we are so far away, but I know that is a part of this crazy beautiful life we live.


  1. What a great little reunion!!! I'm sorry that it was a short lived visit but hopefully there will be another one on the horizon soon!!

  2. I'm sorry it was a short visit but the memories you get to cherish for ever. Great pictures.

  3. How nice of that restaurant! And now I'm craving ribs. Roommate reunions are the best - I feel like after you've lived with someone, no matter how much time you spend apart its like you never left each other!

  4. oh no that sucks about the carriage ride and the driver :( so horrible! and yay for the restaurant letting you in, so nice of them!

  5. ohh looks like you guys had a great time! the carriage ride looks fun!

  6. It's so nice catching up with old friends!! Sometimes just hanging around the house is the best. Restaurants and pubs can get so noisy that you can't even enjoy the conversation. Sorry to hear about the carriage ride, but that's so awesome that the restaurant let you in and gave you the place to yourselves!!

  7. So fun you got to catch up with your old friends!!

  8. The horse looks pretty, too bad your driver sucked. Sounds like the restaurant needs to start opening earlier, although it was nice of them to let you in.

  9. How awesome to get to see them. I'm not particularly fond of the smell of cigarette smoke so I wouldn't have been overly excited to see someone puffing away when they FINALLY arrive. I may have even gotten a little bitter once it started raining.

    Glad that the restaurant let you guys in early!


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