Walking in Memphis.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

This past week, my sister and "sister" from another mister, came down to visit and celebrate their dirty 30 birthdays. While they explored the casino one night, I got to hang with my nephew Noah. They didn't hit it big on the slot machines, but they did find a buffet with an open bar. That is totally winning in my book, too bad they don't really drink. They each had one glass of wine, ONE! Baby sister should have went with them to show them how it's done. It's ok though because I was busy letting my nephew do whatever he wanted. We had cake for dinner, I let him invite "bitches" over and we got matching tattoos, it was precious.

Wild Child!

When the girls came back the next day, we decided to be tourist in our new city. We found a BBQ joint that could only be accessed through an ally and also happened to be in a basement. Of course we didn't just stumble across this place, it is one of Memphis' most famous BBQ places. Our server had his own room (he has worked there for over 35 years, which is nothing since his dad still works there as well!!), that was plastered with frames filled with pictures of him and other BBQ patrons (including important people like President Bush and Justin Timberlake!). Soon he will have a copy of his picture with us ladies, I'm sure it will be his most talked about prized possession.

The brisket was for sure my favorite!

After dinner we made our way to the Peabody hotel, where a family of ducks live. They are paraded from their home on the roof down to the hotel lobby every day, so that they may partake in a little swimmercize in the fountain. We didn't really stick around long enough to see anything though, Beal street was calling our names. We made our way to the famous Beal street, and Taylor and I immediately got a beer, because you could walk down the street with it! We force fed the girls some frozen beverages and then let Noah cut a rug with Taylor on Beal street.

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