A Love Story

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Since Valentines day has just come and gone, I'm going to write the "lovey dovey" story of how we met. It is not a romantic story, by any means. I wrote it out once before, on my old blog, but I'm going to try and give it another go, hopefully it will be a little better this time around.

My best friend, at the time, and I were taking classes together to car pool. It worked out well, until we decided going and doing shots was way more exciting, but that's a whole other story. It was the first day of our math class, and like any other typical day of class, we were running late. We ran in and promptly took the furthest seats away, in the back of the classroom. As I sat there trying to be studious and take notes (okay, that's a lie, I was probably doodling my name on a notebook) my friend said "Heather, I found you're next boyfriend.". Being that we were best friends and she knew me so well at the time, I immediately focused my attention to guy she was directing her statement at. Oh yes, he was my type! He was so handsome, but not too pretty boyish. He was wearing a brown Bob Marley tee, khaki cargo shorts, and the ever so popular hemp necklace (can we all just take a moment to be thankful that fashion statement is over?).

One of the first pictures I took of him. He clearly had retired the hemp necklace by this point!
 I was pretty outgoing at this age in life, but for some reason could never muster up the courage to talk to him. It might have also had something to do with the fact that we were never on time, and he left immediately after class was over. Also, he sat more towards the front of class (ya know, actually learning), while we sat in the back (Taylor later told me we were "those girls" who giggled obnoxiously in the back of the room, Rude!!). So while I was too much of a chicken to talk to him at school, I did put my excellent stalking detective skills to use. I found out he worked in the mall at a shoe store, and I just happened to have a friend that worked there as well. I told her how cute I thought Taylor was and to hook a sista up; but much to my dismay, she informed me had a girlfriend.

After that, I never felt bad for not having the guts to talk to him. Fast forward to a year later, best friend and I were still taking classes together and it was the beginning of a new semester. When we walked into our computer class, there sat the shoe-store-working, hemp-necklace-wearing hottie! This class was much smaller than our previous one, so we took the seats behind him. We actually spoke in this class a little, and since it was a computer class, I stalked investigated his myspace page (am I showing my age here?), little shit still had a girlfriend. Whatever... he wasn't that cute! But for some reason whenever my friend would refer to him as my boyfriend, I would turn red and tell her to shut up before he heard her.

Another semester came and went, with very little communication between Taylor and I. About 3 months later, my boss' husband came into work for lunch, and brought his very handsome co-worker. Yep, the girlfriend-having Bob Marley tee- wearing cutie from class! Except this time, I was informed he and his girlfriend had (finally) broken up. I immediately informed my friend of the crush I had had on Taylor and to give him my number if he was interested. I was beyond thrilled when she told me he was interested, and that her husband did give him my phone number!!

You may think this is when our love story finally began, but nope, not even close. Fast forward another 3 months (a total of a year and half later!!!!), and it was a random Tuesday night. Best friend and I were enjoying our typical hobby, drinking beer at the bar, when that jerk faced boy, who never called me, walked in. He strutted over to where we were sitting and invited us to play pool with him and his friends. I promptly told him we would grab another round and be right over. When jerk face boy walked away, I looked at best friend and told her there was no way in haaail we would be joining him, he never called me. We both agreed it was for the best, and 2 more beers later, we forgot about that pact and joined in over at the pool tables. To make an already long story short, the rest of the night was spent singing karaoke, playing pool, and bar hopping to some places I'm not proud of. However, the night did end in our first kiss, after some awkward (and I mean awkward) pick up line. Turns out the intimidating hottie from math class wasn't as smooth as I thought. I think that's why I fell in love with him.
** Turns out, he did actually call me when my boss' husband gave him my number. I was drunk and had forgot. Good thing, it was 330 am, and we all know what kind of phone call that was....

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