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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I have been doing absolutely nothing recently trying to save for that big trip over the sea to see my husband ((EEEK, 6 days!!), therefor I have nothing that exciting to write about.  I did go out and play Frisbee golf the other day, it was all fun until the 8th hole when someone lost their Frisbee in the creek, and then decided to get in (it was up to his shoulders) and look for it. Don't get me wrong, it was extremely entertaining, but a hopeless search. As we all stood there and watched the mosquitos planned their attack on me. It is ridiculous how much those damn things like me, and a little bit unfair. So while I research signs of Wes Nile, I'll leave you with this fun and interesting, generic blog post filler.. all about ME. Enjoy.

5 things...

...You will find in my purse.

1. Sunglasses.
2. An overstuffed wallet (not with money, I assure you).
3.Old crumpled up receipts.
4. A small notebook and pen.
5. Sunscreen. I burn so easy that I have resorted to carrying it all times just in case I decide to be out in the sun longer than 15 minutes.
stupid sunburn. stupid necklace.

...You will find in my bedroom.

1. Dirty clothes on the floor right next to (or even on top of) my laundry basket. NEVER actually in it.
2. A half drank glass of water.
3. half a dozen books I'm in the middle of.
4. One adorable pup lounging on the bed.
5. 14 million bobby pins lying wherever they feel.

... I am currently loving.

1. Downton Abbey. I just finished season 3 and can hardly wait for season 4!
2. T-pain Pandora radio station. I am gangsta...
3. Candles, more specifically, this one from Bath and Body Works.
4. Red wine... Oh wait, I have always loved that.
5. The "my delta app"... it has been my go to countdown to see that husband of mine.

... I have always wanted to do.

1. Random acts of kindness, the pre-meditated kind, does that make sense?
2. Swim with dolphins.
3. Have a drink with someone famous.
4. Surprise someone, in a big way.
5. Visit the doughnut bus in Austin, Tx.

...You should know about me, that you could care less about.

1. I set my alarm 15 minutes early just to browse social medias.
2. I am scared of everything, the dark, spiders, someone lurking behind the shower curtain, my own shadow.
3. I sleepwalk. Always have... lots of stories on this.
4. I think about shaving my head daily. I hate my hair, and everyone says it will grow back different if I do. Challenge accepted (siiike).
5. I secretly wish the people of walmart fashion trend would start to catch on. I love wearing sweat pants. If I am home, I am in pajama's and it is going to take a whole lot of persuading to get me out of the house and abandon my beloved comfy clothes.

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