Keeping it Classy

Monday, June 17, 2013

I feel like these last two weeks I have spent more time at work than I have at home ((poor Stella!)). This would normally be great since I am about to embark on a 3 week adventure that involves snuggling with my husband for the first time in 7 months! However, it has been painfully slow. So what do you do when there is absolutely nothing much going on at work? You clean, "if you got time to lean, you got time to clean". Of course when you are not making money, you are less likely motivated to clean. So you find other ways to entertain yourself.

You take pictures for instagram, and snapchat all your co-workers lucky enough to have night off.

You hide from your chores in large boxes...

It is all fun until the box breaks and you're stuck there.

Channel your inner T-Rex while hiding in the walk in cooler.

Eventually it is closing time and you get to go home, or all your hard work of being obnoxious has exhausted your manger out and they send you home early (I'm still working on this..).

Once you get home you reward yourself after a hard days work, you grab a glass of wine or a cold beer, light some candles and take a bubble bath.
Throw in your laptop resting on the toilet with a little Downton Abbey, and you have successfully created  a classy day. 


  1. So obsessed with your hair!!! Love the length!!!

    New follower!xoxox

    1. awww thanks! Thank Goodness those horrible bangs are growing out now! Can't wait to go check out your blog!


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