I'm comin' for ya Harry! (You too Husband!)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Four months down is getting closer. At four months I will start the countdown of when I actually get to see my handsome husband in real life. In July we are taking a three week vacation. I will be flying to south Hampton England to meet him for a 15 day cruise. I AM SO READY. Do you know what kinds of things I will be doing? I'm going to share some of them. The rest you can use your filthy imaginations to fill in the blanks. For starters do you know what came from England? ummm.. Hello Harry Potter. I may be slightly obsessed with Harry Potter. Go ahead. Judge me. But if it involves Harry Potter, it will be seen. My husband doesn't have a choice in the matter, good thing he is so understanding
Look a little more excited to meet me boys!
And well that's really all I have researched as far as sights to see on vacation. I have priorities people, and Harry Potter happens to be pretty high on that list. I guess I better start planning other things to see when our cruise pulls into different ports. Suggestions are welcome. Life is still pretty calm and uneventful around here.  Last week, happened to be one of my favorite holidays. No, I'm not talking about St. Patricks day (although it was celebrated), I'm talking about restaurant week. This happens twice a year around here. What it means is that local (usually expensive) restaurants have a special menu with prices that normal people can afford. By normal I mean poor biatches like me. You would think one would take advantage of this and try as many different restaurants as possible. Unfortunately I have two weakness' that are a major problem, cheese and chocolate. Lucky for me there are TWO fondue restaurants that participate in this event. This may have resulted in my only two nights off last week indulging in cheese and chocolate. I'm weak, I can't help it. I mean what girl doesn't like to gather her favorite ladies for wine, food, and gossip?
Fondue Heaven!

St Paddys day!
This weekend was pretty uneventful, and does it show how old I am that I really enjoyed it? This of course results in a pretty boring blog post (and the lack of other post in general). I layed around all day Saturday watching lost on netflix (do they ever get off that damn island? Don't tell me...) and made a pot of chili. Later that night two of my favorite ladies came over to eat dinner and watch some hunky men on prison break (Have you seen Wentworth Miller? HELLO!). Amanda and I might have also watched Harry Potter. Which inspired us to go visit the room of requirements (and other thrift shops) here in good ol Wilmy.
room of requirements... or a flea market.
Stella just came running into the living room, I thought maybe she wanted to remind me to share our playtime and couch cuddles with you. Turns out she just wanted an audience while she licked herself. Not lady like Stella, not lady like at all.
Couch cuddles are the best.

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